MGT is one of the top filers at Georgian Patent Office (Sakpatenti). Currently, the firm is prosecuting and maintaining about three thousands of trademark registrations. Our trademark clients belong to different business fields, including banking, pharmaceutics, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, vehicles, toys, auto parts etc. Our trademark practice group is composed of attorneys having considerable experience in all aspects of trademark law. We provide the following services:

  • Trademark searches
  • Preparation, filing and prosecution of trademark applications
  • Preparation responses to office actions
  • Registration, maintenance, and renewal of trademarks
  • Administrative procedures, including licensing and change of ownership
  • Trademark oppositions and cancellations
  • Registration of trademarks with customs

Registration of trademarks with Customs Department’s Database of Intellectual Property Objects has become one of the most effective tools for protection of trademark owners from counterfeits. Database is administered by Customs Department of Revenue Service on the basis of applications of trademark holders. Registering the trademarks in the Customs Register provides a trademark owner with the possibility to implement effective measures against importation and exportation of counterfeits. We offer a full range of services with respect not only to registration and renewal of trademarks at the Customs Register, but also post registration activities, i.e. communication with Customs Department, inspection of detained goods, negotiations with an importer, drafting and signing an agreement on destruction of counterfeits, filing a lawsuit if necessary, participation in destruction process of counterfeits.