Amendments to the Patent Law of Georgia have entered into force

By introducing these amendments Georgia has fulfilled it obligations being necessary for entering into force  of the Agreement between Georgia and the European Patent Organization (EPO) on Validation of European Patents (Validation Agreement).

According to the new law, applicants will be able to validate their European patents granted by the European Patent Office in Georgia even though Georgia is not a contracting state to the European Patent Convention (EPC). European patents validated in Georgia will have the same legal effect as Georgian patents.

In addition, the amendments were designed to harmonize the Patent Law of Georgia with the European Patent Convention (EPC), the legislation of the EU countries, and the Patent Law Treaty (PLT).

Namely, issues related with patentability criteria and exceptions, the rights of the inventor and the holder of the patent were clarified.

Also, was introduced a special chapter regulating the institute of patent attorneys. Appointing of a Patent attorney registered at Sakpatenti will be obligatory for foreign patent applicants after January 1st 2025.

The specific date of entry into force of the Validation Agreement, will be announced after consultations between the Georgian side and the EPO.