The Georgian parliament has ratified Georgia – EPO Validation agreement

On the 16th of May 2023, the Parliament of Georgia ratified the Agreement between the Government of Georgia and the European Patent Organisation (EPO) on the Validation of European Patents (Validation Agreement).

Negotiations between the European Patent Organization and Georgia on the Agreement on Validation of European Patents were undergoing since 2012 and it was signed in 2019 in Munich.

Under the Validation Agreement, applicants will be able to validate their European patents granted by the European Patent Office in Georgia, even though Georgia is not a contracting state to the European Patent Convention (EPC). European patents validated in Georgia will have the same legal effect as Georgian patents.

Georgian Parliament has also approved amendments to the Georgian Patent Law, which envisaged provisions for the fulfilment of the commitment necessary for entry into force of the Validation Agreement. They are also aimed at harmonization of the Patent Law of Georgia with the European Patent Convention, the legislation of the EU countries, and the international agreement Patent Law Treaty (PLT).