Protection of Copyright on the Internet

Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia and National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia ”Sakpatenti” have started working on Law of Georgia on Electronic Commerce. Nowadays, copyright infringement on the internet is the most challenging issue amongst other problems concerning copyright protection in Georgia. According to said law, copyright owners will be able to demand protection of their rights not only from content providers, but also from internet service providers. Today, service providers do not have right to block illegal content, but after passing the law, they will be able to block content provided without permission of the copyright owner on the grounds of request from the copyright owner. If service provider decides to leave the content, copyright owner will be able to start civil proceedings directly against infringer as well as against internet service provider.

During the process of working on draft law was analyzed experience of the USA and countries of the European Union. A video conference was held also with foreign experts working in the field of copyright.

Development of an effective system of internet service providers liability is Georgia’s obligations under the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement between the European Union (DCFTA) and Georgia. Presumably, working on bill will be accomplished in several months and it will enter into force in the beginning of 2018.